Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Disturbing Reality

Did you know that most people let things slide, or even get worse before they make any changes? In fact, did you know that less than half of those in need of services regarding mental health actually seek help? And those who do seek treatment typically do so after 10 or more years of denial or delays in getting any help at all, during which time they are most likely to develop even more problems (National Comorbidity Survey, 2005).

So what I say to these folks is, “Imagine your life 10 years from now, you’ve done nothing to change your circumstances, in fact things have gotten worse! Your health has deteriorated, your relationships have become more toxic and you feel even more beat up than you feel right now. Allow this image and feeling to just sink in for awhile.”

I then say to these folks, “Imagine you did do something right now that began to turn your life around for the better, improved your health, relationships, finances and self esteem."

Please do contact your doctor, counsellor (or school guidance counsellor), Employee Assistance Provider (EAP) etc.

You can also get help and do it now online, without fear of stigma or shame with complete confidentiality in the privacy of your own home with this program http://liferecoveryprogram.com/

The choice is yours and you deserve the best in life! Please don’t let yourself become a statistic!

Best of health and warmest regards, Paul Radkowski