Thursday, October 29, 2009

Neuroplasticity- Change Your Thinking & Improve Your Life

Howdy folks, how goes it? Its been awhile since I posted. Some of the LRP clinical team and I have been in conference for almost a third of the month so far. We've spent a number of days with folks specializing in genetics, neurobiology, neurophysiology etc and how certain conditions can lead to addiction, depression, anxiety etc.

One of our keynotes was Dr. Joe Dispenza (from the documentary film "What the Bleep Do We Know"), he was fantastic.

Much research and discussion has been placed on neuroplasticity, how your thoughts change your brain/life.

To change is to think greater than your feelings or condition. Often people become addicted to a feeling (and use substance/behaviour etc to achieve that feeling) which can become a person's emotional identity.

Neurons that fire together wire together (Hebbian Law)as demonstrated in this video which is in real time. It shows how a human brain can change its "neuro-net" thus altering brain chemistry and genetic activation.

What does all this mean? With consistent effort you will change the landscape of your brain which changes your body, relationships and reality in a way that empowers you and helps you realize your highest potential.

The key is consistency i.e. daily challenging the destructive thoughts/attitudes/distorted thinking and replacing them with affirmations/supportive thoughts and your brain/body will naturally do the rest (we use a technique called the "TFAB" which powerfully does all this).

To your journey of discovery, Paul Radkowski